The Meaning of a Real Relationship

When you're in love your heart stops, you can't breathe, your mind goes blank. If you were not in love and had the same symptoms you'd be in a hospital in the intensive care unit. And that's the easy part of love. The challenging part is living with the other person.

Let me explain what that means using allegory. Let's say you are Newton. You've just discovered gravity, and you have formed a theory that has made you rich and famous -- "What goes up must come down." Now that you're successful, you decide to get into a relationship. You fall in love. You are so happy with the person in your life that you can't contain your joy. You pick them up and throw them up in the air to show your happiness and instead of coming right down they stay floating in the air. Or if they do come down, they come down as another personality you've never seen before.

Every rule, opinion, and philosophy you live by does not exist in the other person's reality. In time you come to understand that a relationship is about negotiating two views of existence to create coexistence.