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Chakra Laughter   
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The Laughter from Within

Chakras are energy centers in the body. Traditionally, people use toning to balance their chakra centers.

The usage of chakra laughter works much differently than chakra toning. The techniques in the chakra laughter exercises teaches you how to use chi-energy to enter an individual chakra and stimulate it to create laughter.

Singers learn to change the tones of the sound they are creating depending on where in the body the sound comes from. In a similar way, instead of using breath you use chi-energy to activate different chakras to effect change the sound of the laughter coming out of your body.

My ability to use chakras to create laughter came from my association with the Arlington Laughter Club. Once it became apparent how easy it was to laugh for no reason, the next question that I asked myself was, "Can you use chi-energy to affect the laughter?" After several months of trial and error the answer wound up, "Yes, you can stimulate different chakras with chi-energy to create laughter."

The laughter club format allows people to laugh as they wish. This is great for release of tension. Chakra laughter is a more choice oriented process as you learn to choose which part of the body you want the laughter to come from.

Individuals who first start learning chakara-laughter gag a lot. In order for a person to create laughter using chi-energy to stimulate a chakra you have to totally relax into the experience. If you try too hard the laughter becomes more demanding physically.

Chakra laughter training teaches you to travel within your body and selectively create bursts of laughter. Just like a singer creating sounds, your body becomes the instrument you wind up playing.