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TLC (Tender Loving Chuckles)
is a format for taking the laughter club concept and turning it into a performance art. Traveling means that the laughter club format can be made available at work place, school, church or any local social gathering.

Just like a regular laughter club, exercises are provided to assist the laughter process.

If you love to laugh here's a chance to get together with like-minded people. Based upon the work of Dr. Kataria and techniques presented at the Arlington Laughter Club, you will be introduced to experiences that will free up your laughter abilities.

Laughter Club success comes from a single phenomena. Once one person in a group starts laughing everyone in the room starts laughing. It is the group experience that makes it easy to let go of your inhibition and let your body express the emotion of laughter.

What makes a laughter club different from a comedy club is that no jokes are told. Once you feel an impulse to laugh it becomes part of your training to relax into the laughter.

At this time medical researchers are finding that daily laughter is important for maintaining balanced health. Check out the Arlington Laughter Club for links to articles in medical publications.

During a lecture at McLean's hospital I showcased various ways of laughing. Afterwards I said, "If you laugh like this and have a reason for it your therapist will applaud you for it. If you laugh like this and have no reason, your therapist will medicate you." People in the room started laughing and applauding my statement. Going to a laughter club gives you an easy explanation of why you like to laugh.

One of the side effects of laughter that I have observed is that afterwards people almost can't help saying, "Hi!" to me. Not only are you relaxed after a laughter club session but the tension is now replaced by an openness that others can perceive. Your creativity is released.

Walter Ness